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Needlepoint Secrets

Now YOU can become June's "secret" pal,
but you must get the book to disclose all the secrets

It's another one of the

Everything you need to know to create a needlepoint masterpiece.

With her many decades of devotion to the needlework industry, June has learned a great deal. It seems appropriate to share this information with her world…a June McKnight "tell-all."

LEARN – The book includes advice about choosing a wonderful canvas and how to avoid creative pitfalls. Examples:  poorly painted canvases, painterly canvases that are impossible to stitch, outlining, poorly printed canvases, European canvases–good and bad, kits, counted canvas patterns…and so much more.

REVEAL – how to avoid frustrations and expensive mistakes when selecting threads.  There is more to selection than merely matching the color painted on the canvas. Some considerations are the styles of threads (single ply, multi-ply, and ribbon styles). There are three sources of threads (animals, plants and the chemistry lab.) Even though the stores are loaded with thousands of thread choices, by taking these two items into consideration, thread selection can become a breeze and the stitching outcome can be predicted.

DISCOVER – tools and tricks of the trade that make it easier to create gorgeous canvaswork.  Some expensive products are discussed (lighting, floorstands) and home remedies…for example, using dryer sheets to wipe away needle tarnish.

UNVEIL – a gallery of stitches and graphs based on mathematical formulas which guarantee stitching success. Count the number of threads available on the painted area and you can easily determine which stitch will fit using my magical formula.

Word is getting around...

SECRETS has received a lovely review from Melanie Vancil at Exclamation Point! Click here to visit her blog.


The following is an excerpt from Leigh Designs'
April, 2014 Newsletter:

"SHARING SECRETS... The prolific June McKnight has her new book, Needlepoint Secrets, now on the market and in fine needlepoint stores everywhere! In her latest contribution, June tells us 'how to avoid creative pitfalls' and tips on 'avoiding expensive mistakes when selecting threads'! Where has this book been all my life?  I have a shelf in my needlepoint library just for the June McKnight books, as do a 'gazillion' other stitchers. We are unabashed, unrepentant McKnight book collectors. C'mon... you're a collector too, aren't you?"


From Gloria Vaughn Morgan - "Hi, I'm another one of your groupies. I think I have every one of your books. I picked up Needlepoint Secrets when I was in Charleston last week, at Cabbage Row. I think it's your best yet!!! Thank you so much for all of the contributions that you have made to needlepoint!"


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All of June's books are available from needlework shops throughout the country.
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